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Through Ealing's Eyes II

A Vision of Albion
Cecil Hepworth 1874-1953
Rescued By Rover (1905)
Through Ealing's Eyes. I
Sir Michael Balcon
Through Ealing's Eyes.II
"Just Room For One Inside Sir..."
Other Eyes, Other Visions
British Film At War
A Canterbury Tale (1944)
The Post-War Years
Brighton Rock (1947)
London Belongs To Me (1948)
Scott of The Antarctic (1948)
Tiger Bay (1959)
Whistle down the Wind (1961)
Sir John Mills (1908 - 2005)

Ealing Studios' diverse and fascinating
WW II propaganda films

rare film posters
from Greg Edwards

Robert Hamer's third Ealing film is a
bleak, claustrophobic melodrama,
showing the seamier side of life
in London's East End

Pink String and Sealing Wax (1945) Ealing Films

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