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Richard Attenborough as Pinky Brown

A hard-edged, multi-faceted thriller, which truly was from the golden edge of British film-making.This how Brighton Rock has been described by many who have viewed it, and quite rightly so as well.
It is the late 1930s and Brighton is run by a number of vicious gangs, one of  these is led by the vicious, sociopathic teenager Pinkie Brown. After killing a man at the fairground, he tries to establish a watertight alibi - even if it means marrying Rose a possible witness to his crime, to prevent her giving evidence against him.
A reviewer at the time of the film's release called it "false, nasty cheap sensationalism", which to entirely miss the whole point of the film. Most critics, then and now, have praised the film for it's ivocation of time and place, the realism of the settings, and the juxtaposing of those settings against one another. The cosiness of a teashop and the nastiness and menace of the gangs activities.
This film is available in both the VHS and DVD formats, track it down and purchase it, it'll be well worth your time.

in the pub

Richard Attenborough (Pinky Brown);
Hermione Baddeley (Ida Arnold);
William Hartnell (Darrow);
Nigel Stock (Cubitt);
Wylie Watson (Spicer);
Carol Marsh (Rose)

Directed by John Boulting
Production Company Associated British Picture Corporation
Produced by Roy Boulting
From the novel by Graham Greene
Director of Photography Harry Waxman
Screenplay by Graham Greene
  Terence Rattigan

Pinkie and Rose

Brighton Rock 1947 [click for larger image]

Brighton Rock 1947

the screenonline pages
at the British Film Institute

gained his first great
acting success playing
Pinkie Brown.
the webpages at screenonline
at the British Film Institute

director of Brighton Rock
webpages at screenonline
at the British Film Institute

author of the original novel
from which the film was taken
also co-wrote the screenplay.
the webpages at screenonline
at the British Film Institute

Brighton Rock 1947 DVD

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