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Whistle down the Wind (1961)

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From A Small High Window

Hayley Mills as Kathy Bostock

This is a totally unpretentious and very realistic tale of a group of  children who discover a fugitive murderer hiding in their barn, and believe him to be Jesus Christ. The film stars Hayley Mills as Kathy Bostock, Alan Bates as
Arthur Alan Blakey, the man the children find in the barn, and Bernard Lee as Bostock, the film is based on the novel of the same name written by Mary Hayley Bell, the mother of Hayley Mills. The original setting of this grim little tale was in Sussex, but was relocated to North Lancashire after Richard Attenborough, the producer,asked Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse, the script writers to , in their words, 'northernise' it. The relocation helped immensely, making the film and the  simple and delicate story it tells, more plausible by grounding it in a more gritty, harshly realistic setting, which given the look of this film, was all to the good. As a friend of the web serfs of this site put it, "this film simply would not have worked on any level had it been filmed in colour."

Hayley Mills as Kathy Bostock

Cast: Hayley Mills (Kathy Bostock);
Bernard Lee (Bostock);
Alan Bates; Arthur Alan Blakey (The Man);
Norman Bird (Eddie);
Elsie Wagstaff (Auntie Dorothy)

Directed by Bryan Forbes
Production Company Beaver Films
Produced by Richard Attenborough
Screenplay by Keith Waterhouse
  Willis Hall
From an original novel by Mary Hayley Bell
Photographed by Arthur Ibbetson
Music Composed and Conducted by

Malcolm Arnold

In the barn [click for full size image]

Whistle Down The Wind 1961

Whistle down the Wind 1961[click for larger image]

the webpages at screenonline
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the web pages at screenonline
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the web pages at screenonline
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Hayley Mills and Alan Bates

from a fan-based website that
 also includes scenes from
Hayley Mills' other films

this time from the town of
where parts of
Whistle down the wind were filmed

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Whistle down the Wind 1961 DVD

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